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About Bharuch, India
Bharuch (Gujarati: ભરૂચ ) is today is a large seaport city of more than a million inhabitants and a municipality in the Bharuch district, in the state of Gujarat, India. As a trading depot, the limitations of coastal shipping made it a regular terminus via several mixed trade routes of the fabled spice and silk trading between East and West, so that it became known to history by various names such as Bharakuccha, Bhrigu Kaksha (the domain of Bhrigu, an ancient Indian sage), Bhroach, as well as Bhrauch. During the British Raj it was officially known as Broach.
Bharuch also known as...
Baroach, Bharoch, Bharuch, Bharūch, Broach
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Lords Plaza is located near the railway station in Ankleshwar, and is approximately 75 km from the Surat Airport. Lords Plaza is an excellent 2-Star budget hotel property that offers visitors to the town of...
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Hotel President is the only family friendly city hotel in Bharuch- one of the oldest seaports of Gujarat. The hotel is preferred for major corporate companies of Mumbai and other places. It is Centrally...
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